Company history

The company Dr. H. Tiefenbach & Co. GmbH was founded by Dr. H. Tiefenbach in Essen in 1950. The company started to develop and supply components for the German mining industry in the early 50ies. Always focussed on their work and with the objective of providing special solutions for the mining industry Tiefenbach has become a sought after provider of electronic components and hydraulic as well as pneumatic components and valves.



Tiefenbach very quickly became the renowned market leader in the field of water-hydraulic applications for the industrial and mining markets.

1986 saw the beginning of the development of electronic control units for traffic engineering. This rapidly growing market significantly contributed to the growth of the company.

In 1988 Tiefenbach decided to deliver control units for the shields used in underground mining operations direct and in the years to follow supplied hydraulic control elements to the major shield manufacturers.

Tiefenbach introduced an excellent and feasible control system and, supported by an innovative staff, has constantly been striving to reach the highest technical standard in the field of control systems.

Tiefenbach as part of the Knapheide Group

The company’s founder Dr. H Tiefenbach died in 1985 and one year later the company was acquired by the Remscheid-based company Barmag and the name changed to Tiefenbach GmbH.

In 1996, the business of Tiefenbach GmbH was split up and sold. The new company divisions were the manufacturing section Tiefenbach Fertigungstechnik GmbH, Tiefenbach GmbH (for traffic engineering), and the mining section Tiefenbach Bergbautechnik GmbH.

This company separation resulted in Tiefenbach Bergbautechnik GmbH becoming part of the  Knapheide group of companies.

Almost 95% of the engineers left Tiefenbach GmbH and transitioned to Tiefenbach Bergbautechnik GmbH. Thus, the extensive know-how of the company could be saved and continuity maintained in product innovation and development.

New headquarters

In 2003, Tiefenbach Bergbautechnik GmbH was renamed Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH. This was accompanied by a significant increase of the nominal capital.

In August 2008, the company expanded and moved to its new 8000m² headquarters in Bochum. Thanks to the extended production capacites Tiefenbach has been able to create new jobs and can now react more flexibly to meet even the most demanding customer deadlines.

Tiefenbach today

In 2017, Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH acquired a further 49% stake in Tiefenbach-Polska Spółka z o.o. from the Famur Group. Thus, Tiefenbach controls 100% of the shares in the company.